Project Nash
How Does The World Work?

On Intentionality

The passing of a year is a special occasion on which to reflect on our fleeting lives. As we encounter the closing of a cycle, we’re given a chance to consider how we live and what we value with a more complete perspective.

Exploration and Exploitation

The Exploration-Exploitation tradeoff is a fascinating duality. On the one hand, we seek new information, possibilities, risk-taking, and experimentation. On the other hand, we refine and implement our existing body of knowledge. This helps us to maximize our scores and results.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the art and the science of investing in worthwhile opportunities to maximize returns and minimize risks simultaneously. It requires developing a sustainable, adaptable worldview and understanding of human nature and its activities on both micro and macro scales.

The Monomyth and the Peter Principle

Progress is anything but straightforward or automatic. It requires us to acknowledge our human limitations, the value of cyclical behavior, and adaptation to irregularity. In this article, we analyze models for progress and how we can achieve self-improvement.


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