Searching for meaning is the single most important pursuit in life. Yet meanings are only as complex, and accurate, as the words that describe them. Years ago, it seemed to me that the more words I learned, the more descriptive my life would be, and the more expansive my range of feelings would become.

When I started formulating my meanings into words, I found that these words intensified my feelings and clarified my thoughts. Today, words continue to bring me closer to my own truth. They show me who I am, what I want, and what I’m likely to actualize in my lifetime.

But literary interests aren’t my whole life. In the past, I studied computer science and financial economics. Apart from orthodox definitions, computer science is the art of computational problem-solving. Economics, on the other hand, studies correlation and causation between different matters in life like women’s skirts and economic growth or the stock market and inequality.

I decided to start Project Nash to blend my analytical and creative brains into one project. I wanted to capture the essence of the books I read and the papers I peruse and connect them to the movies I watch and the people I meet.

See, relatable stories evoke strong feelings through plot twists and turns. They provide inspiration that we very much need. I hope I'm able to retell stories that convey inspiration with a few new perspectives woven into the plot.

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