How to Ruin a Relationship

Relationships Jan 8, 2021

You’re facing an age-old problem; it seems that you are stuck in a relationship. You need to get out of it and indulge your martyr complex. Maybe you’re not ready for commitment, or perhaps you just fell out of love. Since you don’t have many ideas on sabotaging your relationship, we present excellent ways to undermine your partner just because you feel like it.

Try to change them

Come on, we all know it, your partner is imperfect! They live a life of mediocrity and underachievement. Whether they walk funny, have an annoying laugh, or tell too many dad jokes. Compile a list of all their little flaws, and attempt to fix them. You’re just trying to help them. When they don’t meet your expectations, be harsh and overly critical. Make them feel not good enough, and for bonus points, have them start doubting themselves.

Use ambiguous communication to your advantage

If there’s one thing you need to do to ruin a relationship, it’s avoiding clear communication at all costs. Avoid being curious, understanding relationship dynamics, and listening to your partner’s needs and expectations. Never speak their love language, and expect them to know your exact needs.

Never listen to their side of the story. Make assumptions, but never bring them up to a productive discussion. Avoid difficult conversations and keep the dialogue shallow and devoid of personal feelings. Talking about feelings is not something you did in the past; why start now?

Tackle their insecurities

Your partner is not unique; treat them like everyone else. Don’t learn about their history and, most notably, their sensitivities. It’s great to be authentic and go with the flow, yeah? You’ll learn about their insecurities when you invoke their triggers anyway.

And please, for the love of God, disregard their baggage. It’s not like you had anything to do with it. Now, who can blame you for not wanting to hear dramatic blathering about their past lives; you weren’t in them yet!

Everyone knows that many women are insecure about their bodies, and many men are insecure about their feelings; use this to your advantage! Learn about your partner’s weaknesses and target them systematically.

Jealousy is another insecurity that when approached correctly, can ensure a destroyed relationship in no time. Have vague boundaries with your friends and coworkers and keep talking about how you enjoy spending time with them all day long. Have them lose every ounce of trust in you, and problems are going to multiply exponentially. Yay!

Don’t make them feel safe. Keep them on their toes all the time; that should make them realize how much they’ve reached to score someone like you. Don’t make them feel you’ll always be there for them, and don’t have them get any ideas that you’re going to prioritize them or give them your time and energy.

Win the power struggle

Photo by Chris Sabor on Unsplash

Relationships are a power struggle. You need to dominate, or you’ll be dominated for the rest of your life. You have to show them who’s in the driver’s seat. Take them for granted and remember, you’re the one settling for them.

In case of conflicts, avoid disclosing your feelings at all costs. Be passive-aggressive and go with the silent treatment or give them the cold shoulder. Remember, don’t explain your actions; they should figure out what they did wrong on their own. This ought to give you back your well-deserved power and control. Remember, you earned them!

Hold on to control by not consulting them, not apologizing, and keeping your secrets to yourself. You’re qualified enough to make decisions for both of you -- regardless of what they think. They should be thankful for your sincere intentions. How are they going to help you anyway? Cut them off and shut them down.

Rely on self-deceit

Remember that you contribute more than they do to this relationship. Embrace your self-serving bias. Whether you’re the breadwinner or you’re a stay-at-home mom, they’re not suffering as much as you are. Surrender to these vicious feelings, blame them, and always nurture a grudge.

Compare them to your exes and gather all the common things you hate about them. Ignore how they’re different and focus on how they’re just the same. Use your flashbacks to reinforce your distance, avoidance, and turning away.

Become codependent

Photo by Raoul Droog on Unsplash

Your partner is your life. You should rely on them when you’re down. They are responsible for how you feel, for your happiness and sadness. Do you have a problem at work? They should be there for you. Are you struggling with your family? They’re still responsible. Most importantly, take it all out on them.

Be possessive of them. If they’re not spending every minute talking to you or about you, then there’s definitely something wrong. Make up a few issues when they hang out with friends or just go for a run. Why are they leaving you all this time alone? They don’t love you. Make sure to sabotage their friendships and only let them go out if they’re looking hideous and drained to make sure they don’t attract any people.

Don’t stop there; rely on them for all your emotional needs. There’s no such thing as giving them some space. Ditch your friends and your family and have them be your sole emotional outlet. Sugarcoat your “unhealthy” dependence with “I love you so much” or “I can’t live a second without you.”

Ghost them

Ghost cat. Source: Wikimedia Common.‌‌

If all the above fail, you can still ghost them. Ignore your partner’s texts for days, and don’t call them for weeks. Avoid confronting them and telling them that this relationship is not working for you at all costs. Make empty promises and break them every single time. And now this is important: Come up with the most stupid reasons to justify your behavior. Examples include: “I was asleep,” “I just didn’t feel like talking,” or “you probably don’t want to hear about that.”

Remember that no one deserves an explanation. If your partner insists on answers, just give me some trite platitudes like: “I’m not ready for a relationship right now,” “I’m not good enough for you. You deserve someone better,” or “we want different things in life.”

In this article, we provided proven ways to dismantle your relationship. Follow these guaranteed methods to end your partner’s hopes and dreams. They will cope, or better yet, they won’t. It’s their responsibility to pick up all those adorable broken pieces of themself and make their heart whole again. In a way, you’re making them stronger by having them go through situational depression with all its listlessness, hopelessness, and sleeplessness.

Nothing matches the thrill of destroying a relationship. Now, off to the next one!


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